Orphan Care

Asscher Park is theĀ leading farm for orphan care in Victoria. It doesn’t matter if you are breeding thoroughbreds, standardbreds, riding ponies, Clydesdales or stock horses, if your foal has lost its dam, Asscher Park can assist you by feeding your orphan foals.

Asscher Park feed all orphan foals on Profelac Silver, every 2 hours round the clock, for the first 8 weeks. They are also crepe fed 2-3 times daily to encourage gut development and normal feeding behaviours.

All orphans are socialized with a nanny mare and other orphans of similar age for normal behavioural development and mental health.

The orphans are halter broken and taught to lead, have regular worming and can easily slot into our vaccination, microchip and branding program.

In 2018 breeding season Asscher Park successfully rearedĀ 23 orphan foals. Our before and after photos speak volumes to the hard work that is put into these foals.

TB orphan at 4 daysTB orphan 4 mths